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Like to Save on Wedding Flowers?

"Rent, reuse and don’t be too picky. But think twice before handling the task yourself."

Brooke Lea Foster recently published a great article in the New York Times about ways to save money on wedding flowers. We highly recommend you check it out here.

On our blog we wanted to highlight her “Picky, Picky, Picky. Don’t Be.” section.

“Erica Jones, the creative director of O Luxe Designs, a Boston-based wedding design company that caters to high-end clients around the world, says that floral budgets climb when couples meet with a florist with very specific ideas, often gleaned from a glossy social media post or swoon-worthy magazine spread. ‘You’ll save money by going in with an open mind,’ she said. You should still bring the photo, but ask how you can realistically achieve the look within your budget.
Maybe the floral designer can suggest a similar color scheme using less expensive flowers, or maybe the flowers in the photo are particularly expensive at that time of year, but a similar flower is less at the same time.
Sometimes a simple adjustment can save hundreds or thousands of dollars. Ranunculus flowers, which are often considered timeless and ephemeral, are readily available most of the year, but one popular variety, the Clooney, is available only for a few weeks, making them extra expensive. South American hydrangeas, which are white, light blue and pale green, are significantly less expensive than hydrangeas from Holland, which come in more vibrant shades of blue, pink and purple. There are certain times of the year when the cost of flowers skyrocket, mostly because of demand. If you are getting married around Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, you should expect to pay more no matter what flower you’re considering. In the fall, especially Halloween, orange or mango-toned flowers are more expensive than they are at any other time of the year. Some may think that greenery is less expensive, but it is not. 'The kind of greenery brides want is often just as much as flowers,’ Ms. Jones said.”
Photo by Leigh Skaggs Photography

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