5 Things A Bride Should Think About Before Talking To Their Florist

1. Budget Range

The first thing you should be able to come to your florist with is a budget! This will let them know the scope of the floral project and allow you both to sit down with a realistic vision in place. Many florists have minimums too, so make sure that your budget aligns with theirs!

2. Style

Most brides have an idea of what they want their flowers to look like on their wedding day, and most florists have a particular way that they like to arrange flowers. Take some time to look through potential florists’ websites to see if their style matches yours. Both parties will end up happy if your tastes align!

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3. Boutineers and Corsages

Who receives boutineers and corsages is different for each wedding. Before meeting with your florist, have an idea of how many you will want of each on your wedding day. Your florist may not be the right person helping you make such a personal decision!

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4. Wants vs. Needs

Come into the meeting with your florist knowing what you absolutely have to have: bride’s bouquet, number of bridesmaid’s bouquets, etc. Use your established budget to help figure out what additional floral arrangements you can have. This will involve a discussion about quality versus quantity and the wedding style you are going for.

5. Toss Bouquet

If you want to toss a bouquet, let your florist know! They will be able to advise you which bouquet is the best to toss at your reception without loosing money!

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