In our studio at petals&twigs, we bring your modern designs and garden inspired florals to life. Weddings and special events are our specialty, and we work with you to fulfill your vision. 


Hello- I am Sarah.

Thank you stopping here for a moment.

I started this little biz in 2008, as a little something on the side. You know, to have fun with flowers each week at Fraiche. 


Now, today, here we are.  I even have a team! 

Receiving most of our clients by referral, we are creating amazing florals at some top venues in Richmond area and Central Virginia.


There is no limit to what you can dream up and we can execute. We have the privilege of working with so many amazing couples and the best planners in RVA.  What fun it is to know all these creative minds, and make such memorable events for you with our vendor partners.


While we focus most of our time on weddings, we do love to help out with corporate events, gala dinners, bar and bat mitzvahs, charitable fundraisers, funerals and simple parties.  We also have started to offer workshops to the public to share our love and knowledge of floral decor.

We are an all inclusive group that does not tolerate discrimination. 

A true little story if you want to


My Bridal Bouquet 

By Sarah Chiffriller 


Well, when I got married, we had the whole DIY thing. Mom, Dad, brother, aunts, you get the picture- flowers, were part of that, of course. Mom had the whole Garden Club the Northern Neck doing something for the reception and the church. The day before the wedding all the maids were making their own bouquets, at our “bridesmaids luncheon”. And I didn’t make one, I don’t know why. Maybe I was too busy having fun and helping the maids. Or trying to find some food at the “lunch” which was at the reception site...imagine the chaos…. Fast forward to Saturday 5:00 we are all dressed, getting ready to walk down the aisle. I am so excited! Mom asks “Sarah, where is your bouquet?” me, surprised  “I don’t think I have one”. Out she went into the gardens of Christ Church and gathered some vinca, a rose (and a few weeks I am sure) and gave it to me. Voila! There was my bouquet (about the size of a bud vase) she stuck it through some old lace doily thing and down the aisle I went with dad. Happy ending though, we are still married and I have a story to tell.

The reason I am sharing this story is trifold.

a) I hope you are as excited to get married to your partner as I was,

b) this wouldn’t have happened if we had a professional on board and

c) everything in not going to run to the letter. Be flexible and have fun with your wedding.

Leave the flowers to us.

This story should only happen once. Ever.